First time I ever tried writing a script. Finished in April 2011 as a project for the ‘Drama’ module on my HNC Radio course at The City Of Glasgow College



Scene 8

And from the Kitchen Light

Conner McAleese


Outline of Entire Script

                       Starts off with a flashback of Derek and Leann on a beach in the Scottish Highlands. They are having a picnic and laughing together while holding each other’s hands. The flash back ends with Leann saying ‘’I wish we could stay here forever’’. The next section of the scene starts with Leann saying ‘’ what time do you call this?’’. The rest of the conversation follows Leann degrading Derek in front of a friend he has returned home with from a night out. The friend leaves the house and Leann continues to emotionally torment her husband. The argument reaches a crescendo when Leann demands that Derek spends less time with his friends. Derek Concedes and begins doubt himself.

The story continues 3 months later with Derek at work, in a Bristol office. He is invited out by his fellow colleagues and he declines. This is followed by his friend, Tom, asking is everything is ok as he has noticed a dramatic change in Derek’s behaviour recently. Derek tries to brush all this under the carpet by saying that he has just been busy at home. Not accepting this Tom concedes and walks away. Derek replays the conversation in his head on the drive home and is genuinely shocked as he felt he was hiding his pain quite well. He begins to think of ways to hide it better without actually going out because he knows that is against the rules. He begins to imagine what it would be like if he had never married Leann or even better if he could get away now. He quickly dismisses this thought due to his desire to have children. Leann promises him them constantly but is secretly taking birth control.

Leann decides that Derek doesn’t do enough around the house and begins to speak with Derek about him doing more to help her. The talk revolves around Leann’s feelings and her opinion on the marriage, with Derek not being allowed to speak for most of it. Even so he wants to save the marriage as he feels that Leann truly loves him and is only doing this to work on their relationship. Feeling secure with this he decides to give into her demands and do all the housework so that she can focus on her law career. When he begins to-do this work she starts to make casual comments about his sexuality and confusing gender roles. The scene ends with him having just finished the kitchen and being proud of the work he has done. This is the last good feeling he has in the entire Drama however and is a turning point as it becomes a driving force behind his later decisions. This is also where his alter sides comments make sense about suicide.

With this gradual emasculation beginning to get worse and worse Derek’s performance in work begins to falter. So much so that he gets a disciplinary and is told if he has anymore slip ups then he will lose his job. After this discussion Derek is sent home early. Once returning home he looks at himself in the bathroom mirror and is disgusted by himself. This disgust brings tears to his eyes however he does not let them fall and resolves to never shed a tear over his how his life has become. His wife comes home and Derek tells her about the warning he received. Leann tells Derek that he is worthless and begins to completely degrade him. With this he looks away and keeps his mouth shut. With this she flies into a rage and throws her mobile at the bathroom mirror, which shatters. She then moves closer to her husband and kicks him hard in the crotch. He falls to the floor and she puts the heel of her shoe into his hand which is steadying him on the floor. She then speaks very slowly and maliciously telling him he had better mess up and lose his job, her reasoning is why do you need a job, I earn enough for both of us.

With that turning point, Derek goes to see his mother and learns that she is actually in hospital. He finds out that Leann has been keeping messages from him from his family and his mum is actually on her deathbed. Arriving at the hospital he sees his mother lying frail on the hospital bed. On seeing her son’s arrival she smiles and begins to cry. Derek however is so shocked that no tears come. He speaks with his mother about what happened and how sorry he is. She replies that she knows what’s going on and she knows how lonely he is. She pleads with him to try and get away but he tells her he can’t, he just doesn’t know how. Upon leaving the hospital his mother dies.

Feeling he has no more support he begins to give up on life. He remembers the satisfaction he felt after cleaning the kitchen and feels even though he has no friends he can still enjoy life and doesn’t have to go through leaving his wife. He goes into work and begins the day as normal. However he sees an opportunity to sabotage himself and takes it. He goes home and tells his wife that he will probably be fired within the week. His wife looks disgusted and flies into a rage slapping and hitting him saying that he has no respect for himself. Derek momentarily looks at the phone without meaning too but Leann misconstrues this as a subconscious attempt to tell someone. So she begins to tell him that no one would even believe him if he did have the courage to tell anyone. He is surprised at how little this shocks him, but realises he has always known this. He is called into work the next day and is told that his contract is being terminated. With this final cut he realises he no longer has any link to the outside world. His whole life now revolves entirely around Leann. This follows straight into Scene 8.







Drama Script

M.V.O. – Male Voice over (Derek, 35 years old)

I.M.V.O. – Internal Male Voice over (Derek’s Internal Monologues)

I.V.O. – Internal Voice over (Mild split personality voice)

F.V.O. – Female Voice over (Leann, 30 Years old)

B.V.O. – Brothers Voice over (Darren, 29 years old)

S.F.X. – Sound Effect


S.F.X.                    Voice Montage saying

I’m sorry we have to let you go. (Male voice about 60)

Mate we never see you anymore. (Male voice about 35)

Son, what’s happening to you? (Female voice about 50)

You’re mine now. (Leann’s Voice)

S.F.X.                    Alarm Clock

I.M.V.O.                   Another day. Just need to think about it

an hour at a

time. Just an hour at a time.

S.F.X.               Bed sheets rustling.

F.V.O.               Good morning sweetheart.

M.V.O.               Mumbling Morning.

F.V.O.               So what are you going to do today? Now you

have no job?

M.V.O.               I don’t… erm….. I’m not sure yet.

F.V.O.                Well try not be a complete waste of space,

won’t you?

S.F.X.               Silence

F.V.O.          Good that’s what I thought. Now some of us are

going to work.

Bye Darling.

S.F.X.          Kiss noise

S.F.X.         Front door closing.

S.F.X.         Sigh

I.V.O.         She’s right you know. What are you going to do?

I.M.V.O.       I don’t know.

I.V.O.         No job. No friends. No family. No kids.

I.M.V.O.       Don’t.

I.V.O.         Don’t what? Don’t talk about those kids you’ll never


I.M.V.O.       Please, please don’t.

S.F.X.         Footsteps along a carpet then change to tiles.

S.F.X.         Sigh

I.M.V.O.       I need to stop this.

I.V.O.         Need to stop what? Whining all the time?

I.M.V.O.       No! I need to stop her talking to me even when she

not here.

I.V.O.         Is that what you think I am?

I.M.V.O.       I know it’s what you are.

I.V.O.         No, you’re wrong. I’m you; I’m just more honest

about it.

M.V.O.         Shut up!

S.F.X.         Fist slamming down on porcelain.

I.V.O.         No point getting angry. We both know you won’t tell

anyone. What will you say?

(Mocking tone)  Oh please, please will someone help me. My wife gets

angry and makes me feel


Get a grip! You aren’t some abused woman! No

one will care.

I.M.V.O.               I can change her. I know she loves me, she

just doesn’t know how to show it.

I.V.O.                 She used to show it. Remember the highlands?

I.M.V.O.                She’s stressed from work. If she can’t take

it out on me, who can she take it out on?

I.V.O.                You think this is her taking out work

stress. She hates you! They all hate you!

S.F.X.                Silence for ten seconds.

I.V.O.                You can’t just stand here staring at yourself

all day. What would she think?

S.F.X.                Walks down the stairs and puts on the

 Television which plays in the background. He

then continues and walks into the kitchen.

Tuning on a tap he looks at the Calendar on

the wall.

I.M.V.O.             It’s johns Birthday today.

I.V.O.               And what did you get him?

I.M.V.O.             Nothing.

I.V.O.               Your own brother!

I.M.V.O.             I’ll phone him.

I.V.O.              Ohhh big spender I see. Well i suppose you

Don’t have any money of your own anymore.

What will you even say to him? You haven’t

spoke to him in over 3 weeks, not since your

mother died.

S.F.X.               Sharp inhale.

I.V.O.               Still upset about that, after all this time.

I.M.V.O.             It’s not been long, three weeks is short.

I.V.O.               Who are you trying to convince. Maybe if you

had spent more time with her it wouldn’t hurt

this much. Not that you’ll ever know, you

wasted the time you had. All that time, gone.

No more mummy.

I.M.V.O.             It would still have hurt.

I.V.O.               But at least you wouldn’t have felt so guilty.

We both know it’s the guilt. You were too

concerned about your marriage!

I.M.V.O.             She wants me to be happy. She understood.

I.V.O.               Wanted. She also told you to leave her and you

never did that? So you’re selfish as well now.

I.M.V.O.             Please just stop. I can’t take it anymore.

Please stop tormenting me.

I.V.O.               You can stop me anytime. You don’t want to.

I.M.V.O.             I can’t stop you, I’ve tried.

I.V.O.               Not hard enough. Just drink the whisky in the

cupboard, Drown me.

S.F.X.                Footsteps over tiles. A cupboard opening and

 a glass being filled with liquid.

I.M.V.O.             Just one to take the edge off.

I.V.O.               Pathetic. Been unemployed one day and already

on the drink. What will Leann say?

I.M.V.O.             Leann. She won’t like me drinking.

S.F.X.              Glass hitting the table.

I.V.O.              She doesn’t like you at all. Not one little

bit. You may as well drink. What else is



I’ll clean. I’ll make sure the house is

perfect for her. Then maybe she will be better


I.V.O.                Maybe. Maybe not.

S.F.X.               Hoovering. Spraying. Washing machine. Tumble

dryer. Putting dishes away.

I.V.O.               Feel any better?

I.M.V.O.            She’ll be happy with this. She’ll be happy when

she gets home.

I.V.O.              She won’t be happy with you though.

S.F.X.              Phone rings.

M.V.O.               Hello?

F.V.O.               Why hello darling. And what have we been doing

all day?

M.V.O.              Cleaning. The house is spotless.

F.V.O.               Was how I cleaned it before not good enough

for you?

M.V.O.              No… I mean yes it was fine I just wanted


F.V.O.               Fine. If I’m not good enough you can be the

little wifey. You can even fuck yourself, how

does that sound?

S.F.X.              Silence

F.V.O.              Oh well I’ll let you redo what I apparently

can’t. I’ll be home late tonight. Going out

with some of the guys from work. Rob will be

there. You know Rob don’t you?

M.V.O.               Yes.

F.V.O.               Well I’ll give him an extra special welcome,

for you. Bye.

S.F.X.               Phone disconnects.

M.V.O.               Love you.

I.V.O.               Rob is that regional manager from Wales, yes?

I.M.V.O.             So?

I.V.O.               Rugby player. Nice big arms, strong body, good


A son a mother can be proud of.

I.M.V.O.             She was proud.

I.V.O.               Look down at that gut your carrying around.

I.M.V.O.             I’m not fat.

I.V.O.               You’re not a rugby player either.

I.M.V.O.             Shut up!

S.F.X.               Phone being dialled.

I.V.O.               He won’t answer.

S.F.X.               Ringing.

I.M.V.O.             He will.

S.F.X.               Ringing

I.V.O.               Why would he?

B.V.O.               What?

S.F.X.               Phone connects

M.V.O.               Happy Birthday!

B.V.O.               Thanks. Look I’m busy what do you want?

M.V.O.               Just to say happy birthday and ask how you


B.V.O.               She’s been dead three weeks and now is when

you phone. She’s got you good.

M.V.O.               I’ve just been busy, work and all.

B.V.O.               I heard you lost your job. I hope you love her

because you’ve lost everything for her.

M.V.O.               Of course I love her she’s my wife.

B.V.O.               And we were your family. You gave us all up

and ignored us for her. And what has she given


M.V.O.               She loves me.

B.V.O.               We loved you. She never has, you know what she

does behind your back. You know what she is.

I’ve seen her with other men.

M.V.O.               No she loves me.

B.V.O.               Come on Derek, don’t be blind. She doesn’t

love anyone. Leave her.

M.V.O.               She loves me.

B.V.O.               Do you know what our mother’s last words were?

M.V.O.               No.

B.V.O.               She begged me. She literally begged me with

her last breath to protect you. I had to hold

her as she wept for you. She knows you’re

trapped but I can’t help unless you let me.


M.V.O.               She didn’t have to do that. I’m fine. I’m


B.V.O.               You aren’t.

M.V.O.               I am.

B.V.O.               Look I’ve got to go. Thanks for phoning. Bye.

S.F.X.               Phone disconnects.

M.V.O.               Love you.

I.V.O.               Ha-ha.

I.M.V.O.             He’ll come round eventually.

I.V.O.               You took his mums last words and spat them

back in his face. You chose her.

S.F.X.               Silence 4 seconds.

I.M.V.O.             She’s my wife.

I.V.O.               There your family. Brother, sister, mother.

S.F.X.               Silence 5 seconds.

I.M.V.O.             I’ll get a family one day.

I.V.O.               You heard your brother! She doesn’t want you!

She wants everyone else. She wants Rob.

I.M.V.O.             No she loves me. She wants my children.

I.V.O.               Little Melissa and Derek Junior.

M.V.O.               Don’t you DARE say their names!

I.V.O.               Or what!? You’ll never get them. They were

never yours! Why are you wasting your time?

You should end it.

I.M.V.O.             I will she wants children. Work is just hard

just now. That why she hits me. She’s tired.

I.V.O.               Not too tired she can’t see Rob. Not too tired

she can’t screw around.

End it.

I.M.V.O.             Don’t be stupid. I can’t.

I.V.O.               Why not? Just let yourself swing. You have

nothing anymore. Not a single thing.

I.M.V.O              Not yet.

I.V.O.               Not ever. Shall I tell you why?

I.M.V.O.             No! Don’t I can’t take it.

I.V.O.               Upstairs in your bedroom. Second drawer down

beneath the mirror. That why you have nothing.

In that drawer is why you’re all alone.

S.F.X.               Silence for two seconds then footsteps up stairs and a drawer sliding open.

I.M.V.O.             There’s nothing there.

I.V.O.               Look in the back. Inside the white sports


S.F.X.               Gentle rustling and a soft rattling

I.M.V.O.             No its not.

S.F.X.               Sounds of a man wee[ing and throwing up

I.V.O.               No your right. It’s Tic Tacs hidden in a

drawer in a tin that says birth control.

I.M.V.O.             It can’t be.

I.V.O.               It is. She lied to you. Lied, lied, and lied.

End it.

I.M.V.O.             No I have to talk to her. It might be old


I.V.O.               Hidden away?

I.M.V.O              She could have forgotten.

S.F.X.               Phone dialling then ringing then answer


I.V.O.               She doesn’t care.

S.F.X.               Silence

S.F.X.               Phone bleeps

I.M.V.O.             Can’t talk. With Rob, a real man. He says hi.

Turning phone off. Don’t want to be disturbed.

I.V.O.               What a charming text. I told you she doesn’t


I.M.V.O.             You’re right.

I.V.O.               I know I’m right. But what can you do now? You

can’t leave her.

You have no friends. No job. No money. No


End it.

I.M.V.O.             I can’t.

I.V.O.               Why? Get away from her. This is the only way.

How else can you leave her be free of her. If

you do it you can be happy again. You can

laugh and smile again. You don’t need her. She

won’t give you Melissa and Derek. Why stay?

I.M.V.O.             Because I love her.

I.V.O.               You don’t. You love the fact she can give you

children, the idea of her as a wife.

End it.

I.M.V.O.             I don’t know how.

I.V.O.               I do. Want me to show you?

S.F.X.               Silence

S.F.X.               Tools clanking together.

Nrrtr                If you can fill the unforgiving minute

S.F.X.               Chair scraping across the floor

Nrrtr                With sixty seconds worth of distance run.

S.F.X.               Rope being tied

Nrrtr                Yours is the earth and everything that’s in


S.F.X.               Rope being pulled to see how tight it is then

scraping flesh.

Nrrtr                And which is more

S.F.X.               Chair being kicked away followed by a tight

but definite snap.

Continues swinging in the background

Nrrtr                You’ll be a man, my son.


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