Sisters in war.

**I know i haven’t posted anything in a while as I have been working on my book. This is just a small part of a bigger story in a book i was writing a long time ago but never finished. Although i never directly focussed on these characters in the other book, this was one of the plot lines that ran through the back of the story. I will perhaps one day go back to that book but, for now, I just can’t stop writing something else.**


I watched as the thousands of men, neatly arranged into companies and battalions, marched forth from the City gates and out into the fields beyond. I swelled with pride at the thought of my husband’s army marching forth to claim victory from our enemies.

            It pained me that our enemies happened to be my sister and her family.

            I had came to the rich and profitable lands I had come to call home as a teenager, already fully aware of the political dimensions out with my own principality on the southern coast of the continent we all sparred for.

            What a woman I had become since then. My hair retained its golden sheen and my face remained as youthful as ever. As a Queen I had access to a life of luxury that most couldn’t dream of, let alone experience. As the Queen of a peaceful realm under a strong husband I had had little to worry about, other than the mischievous antics of my three small princes’.

            My sister on the other hand, had fought her way tooth and nail to her throne. Betrothed to the youngest son of a powerful dynasty, she and her husband had torn their country apart in civil war in order to attain the status of Monarchs.

            That had been five years ago. I had thought they had settled down after that, indeed the last time I saw her she had seemed nothing but a woman of regal luxury. Apparently the fires of war continue to burn hot under a Throne even once it’s secured. So hot in fact that it has turned my sister from me.

            She would soon be made to heel. Her forces would never overcome the hearty and well-fed men of my own armies’. I knew this with such confidence that the only thought I had that concerned me was how she would act when I met her again. I had already prepared her rooms adjacent to my own.

            Of course she should have been locked up in a palace far from my own or indeed even the Tower, where all the other prisoners were kept. I couldn’t allow my own sister to be holed up like a barbarian or common criminal, though both names had ben bounded about by the nobles of my husband’s council. They now knew their place.

            I stood on my marble balcony, looking out at the fields that lay beyond our walls, the fields in which our wealth lay. They were the most striking green I had ever seen. It was those fields that had stuck out and burned themselves into my mind when I had first arrived.

            “Can I get you anything, your Grace?” on of my ladies in waiting asked, looking up from her pious sowing.

            “No, continue with your work, Magdalena,” I said in the tone of voice I had put on ever since I had had my first lady, “we are all about to have a lot to be thankful for.”

            She smiled as she turned back to her, rather rough sowing of a man plowing a field.

            The sun was glorious today, a true blaze of burning heat that warmed the stone beneath my feet. I stepped out from the jeweled shoes I wore and sighed as my toes wiggled on the pleasant marble. All was well and it was a fantastic feeling.

            As I looked down onto the gardens below, I watched as my youngest son Balthazar marshaled his powers of concentration in order to throw a ball through three hoops of different sizes and distances from him. He was such a sweet boy, much fairer than his brothers, so much older than him and on their way to war.

            I could see the grand ships departing from the docks to my right. Their large sails were white sheets harnessed by thick trunks of wooden mast. The rigging was shaking violently in the strong gusts as they set sail, laden with men baying for blood and glory.

            The forces that had left the gate were joining with a larger force to the North ready to support the landing on the coast. It was such a brilliant plan that it seemed almost divinely given.

            My sister had no idea what was in store for her. Or the fun we would have once she arrived here at my palace, what a future ahead of her!

            I smiled at my generosity; I knew I was good person.


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