A Pair of Halves

I got to see the world through your eyes today,

I swapped my brown for blue,

I got to see the sun shine today,

It’s delicate fingers calming the waves of the river,

The white froth on the water’s lips that I always miss,

And the way it dances with the current’s kiss.

I got to smell the world with your nose today,

Swapping my large for your small,

And smell the freshness of an evergreen,

Still blooming while all others are long gone,

The burning of its bark and its embers sparkling in the dark,

Made me think of our first night as one.

I got to hear the world through your ears today,

I swapped my points for curves,

I got to hear my snores at dawn,

And yes, you’re right, it sounds worse than a grizzly, of course,

But to hear your singing as you do as you shower,

Made me believe in love once again.

I got to taste the world with your tongue today,

Swapping my dull for your delicate,

And speak words as you would,

I tasted bread, so plain and so normal, and tasted a quilt of flour,

And realized the power you had over us all,

That the ordinary, to you, was wonder.

I got to feel the world through your skin today,

I swapped my white for dark,

And felt a breeze as never before,

More delicate and powerful than but one thing I know,

I was stared at, and hated, for a reason I knew naught,

But I got to feel a hug in the way that you do.

Now I experience the world with my soul once more,

Swapping my ignorance with your cognizance,

And soared as I have never before,

For the ordinary was now the most exciting of puzzles,

And trials just a less thrilling chore,

I love you.

**Each last line forms a poem on it’s own.**


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