I like me

“I like me,” said the blue Apple to the tree.

“With a leaf so small. Look! Look at my own, see how they grow tall?” said Mr Tree, his face all confused. How could the apple be so happy, he mused.

“But my leaf is my own. Its entirely home-grown!” the blue apple said with pride.

“I like me,” said the blue apple to the tree.

“But your stem, ha! Your stem is so small, so weak and so thin!” the wise old tree said with a grin.

“But my stem is my own. It’s entirely home-grown!” said the apple with doubt. Surely the tree, so much older, knew what life was about.

So as the blue apple hung in the orchard he encountered a thought, “what if I’m nothing, not even a naught?” Until an idea came to him, so clear and so strong, that maybe, just maybe, he was correct all along.

“How old are you tree?” the apple asked nicely.

“I’m one hundred years old. One hundred years old. One hundred years old!” the tree replied thricely.

“Your trunk is so thick and your leaves grow so tall, tell me, Mr Tree, were YOU ever this small?”

The tree had a think. He thought and he thought and came back with an answer that the blue Apple would never have bought.

“No, young little Apple. I was never as small as you. Some plants are to be big and mighty and others, I’m afraid … are to be blue.”

So the blue Apple thought all day and thought even more all that night. He smiled at the moon and the moon smiled right back. And then suddenly, the blue apple was back on track.

“A game!” he exclaimed, to the tree that he blamed, “A game that shall give me a true, happy name!”

“Calm, blue Apple, for all Apples have names. Pick one you wish that starts with the letter ‘A’.”

Alan or Alfred? Alex or Adam? Anthony or Ashley? He thought once again. Until he thought of one, so special, so different, he already knew the Tree would not see the fun.

“Augustus!” the blue Apple said with delight. So much so in fact that the tree jumped with fright.

“Augustus you say? What an odd name to choose. Tell me, blue Apple, what have you to prove?”

“I’m an Apple, that’s right. And I’m blue, that’s true too. My stem might be thin and leaf only one but do you know what Mr Tree? Do you know what I have to prove? That I like me and I have nothing to lose.”

Without a second more thought, he jumped from the tree, he was leaving the Orchard – that was plain to see.

But Augustus was polite, he knew all his manners, so he called a goodbye to the tree, who shook his leaves like farewell banners.

“Prove me wrong, little blue Apple,” was all that he said. Before closing his eyes and turning his head.

So Augustus stepped forward on grass for the first time.

And screamed to the world, “I like me! Its my time!”

The blue apple wasn’t to know but I’ll tell you now. That he was correct without even knowing how. He would walk a long time, it would rain it would snow. But Augustus had a heart as big as a seed and do you know what he did? What he did indeed? He laid his head on the ground, it was cold that was true, but as he counted his sheep and closed his eyes he awoke to one large, amazing surprise. The seed deep within had begun to grow and now he was taller than even Mr Tree could grow. He started his own orchard, he believed in himself.

“I like me,” he shouted. “Forget everyone else.”


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