A letter from the Lilliey Bird


I hear you just missed out on capturing your little toy. Clever, clever, clever, clever brother for looking where there is nothing to see. It’s a shame you cant fly, fly, fly, fly like me. You got the looks, my little stone brother and I? Oh, well I got a hooked nose and a feathered back. How you teased, do you remember? How you used to squawk and squawk? Well, now I squawk, and they talk and do you know what they say, my little stone brother? The say, “Beware the Lilliey Bird.” How. Very. Funny. No? Hahahahahahaa, you never could crack a chuckle.

I bet you wish you could squawk now, I bet you wish you could fly, fly, fly, high in the sky, sky, sky. Maybe you’d have outrun the old man, his beard a flow of silver and his legs that crack with age. But no, I hear you lost your little prize. A boy of wealth and power. How delicious he will be now that you won’t be able to decide to save him for me.

I saw the sun again today, as I soared above the clouds. So grey and boring from beneath but so white and glimmering from up high. An ugly angel. Hahahahaha! Oh how I wish you could hear me laugh again. Trapped beneath those vulgar clouds, not even the boy to make you proud.

But, oh yes little stone brother, I will listen for the beat, beat, beat of your precious little treat, treat, treat, and, oh how delicious he will be to eat, eat, eat. Of course, there is always another option? You could come and see your sister. A Grotesque, just like you. Poison on my talon tips and wit upon my pretty lips, the Lilliey Bird, most famous of all, the feathered woman who can fly higher than a mountain can grow tall.

They consider themselves above the mortals, brother. Call them finites, as if they last forever themselves. But, what is a century or three to monsters like us? Like you and me? Nothing, not even a blink, we can wait longer than they can think. Oooooohhh yesss. Hahahahahahaa, you don’t have time, do you little brother. The clock goes tick tock, tick tock, tick tock for my brother and his little plot. Never enough, never enough, never enough a Grotesque was for you. A family above Deamhans, above witchcraft, above all but a few, but that was never enough for you. Hahahhaa. What a shame, your ego bruises so easily, little stone brother. I can only revel in the darkness that must be licking you. That must be touching you. That must be fucking you.

Do you know what Gargoyles are for? Hmmmm? Of course you do, I’ve told you before. And what are you? If nothing more?

Such a long time not have spoken, I miss you. Not from love, neither of us are capable of that, but from habit. We were so close for so long and now … well now I have to spy on you and lurk high in the sky. I see our other brother, I see, see, see him. Do you know where he is? I do. Meet me and I’ll tell.

We will get him, little stone brother, the boy with more than a soul. We will wait, as we do, and he will leave that wretched bubble, and, when he does …

The Grotesque’s will feed on prey worthy of their name and once again, the world will never be the same.

Beware the Lilliey Bird.

And the little stone brother too.


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