His Image

“Do you believe in God?” A man with a moustache asked me today.

“Why, he’s never introduced himself,” I replied.

“It is not for He to seek out you. It is for you to find Him.”

“Well, I must say, he is a tremendous Hide and Seek player,” I joked, “a champion even. For he has left no clue as to where he hides.”

“What?!” the man choked on his own shock, “How can you blaspheme so easily! It is He that pulls the sun up every morn; who then plunges it back below the horizon so that we may see His stars; it is He that placed the moon in the sky, and why, it is He that smattered the stars across the heavens!”

“He showed you this?” I asked, true curiosity in my voice.

“Well of course He did not! He is the Lord and I am but a man.”

“A man created in His own image, yes?” I cited the Bible.

“Yes, indeed. Man was created in the image of God.”

“Perhaps,” I allowed.

“Are you saying the magnificence of the world is not His finest accomplishment?”

“I’m saying we must assign the good with bad.”

“And what bad do you see on this fine Sunday morn, the Lord’s Day no less,” he gestured with his arm out along the well-paved and bustling street.

“I see no bad here. But I also see no God and according to you, not seeing is not evidence enough of not existing.”

“Ah a clever man!” he commended. “But, where is the evidence of any bad on this street? For there is plenty of evidence for the Lord.”

I paused. I scanned the street, my eyes taking in the women on their way to the shops and the men laughing jovially on the street corner. No one looked unhappy, there were smiles all around and an atmosphere of peace in the air.

“I see no evidence of bad on this street,” I admitted.

“You see, the Lord’s doing.”

“What I see is men and women on this street, and where men and women tread, so too must bad and evil.”

“Poppycock, we are created in His image. No bad exists within the power of the Lord.”

“Plenty rests, no thrives within ourselves. More than enough to give the Lord a day off; it is His Day after all.”

And I walked away from the man with the moustache.


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