To what do you owe the Wee Sneaky?

One of my favourite parts of creating my fictional world of Draothair is the extensive folklore and backstory I get to create along with it. I love my books, and the characters that coincide with them, but sometimes I need a break. Thinking up fantastical beasts and curious creatures is definitely an enjoyable way to rest from the more demanding challenges of plot structure and character development. So please enjoy one of my favourite creations, a small creature designed only to brighten your day a small amount, so that you may brighten your week more easily than you could have before. Remember, if you think someone is looking out for you … it is probably a Wee Sneaky.  

You may never have heard of the Wee Sneaky,

That’s O.K., they are a legend from another land,

But I gently suggest you take a moment to learn,

About how you should be thankful for a Wee Sneaky hand.

Days may be grey, that’s a fact we may not ignore,

But next time you feel the rain falls heavier on you,

Keep an eye out for a surprise that comes from the blue,

That’s the work that the Wee Sneaky loves to do.

If in your wine glass there’s an extra sip,

Or in your box of nuggets you find twelve and not ten,

More often than otherwise, it’s not a trick,

But the pleasant reward of a Wee Sneaky pick.

From toadstools of wood deep in the Forest of Cailbhe,

With holes the size of sparrow feathers and nooks not much bigger,

Sprouted kind little beasts that don’t like to be seen,

But enjoy very much sharing out laughs and sniggers.

They aren’t the most powerful beings of the wood,

They don’t come in hordes and sweep away all your debtors,

All that they want is to make your day brighter,

And with one small act, help you make the world better.

So don’t look for the Wee Sneaky,

They are too quick to see,

Look only for the gift they leave behind,

And remember that being sad is not who you are supposed to be.


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