89 thoughts writer’s have while writing

Whether it’s a novel, a short story, an epic poem or a limerick, we all know putting words to paper can be pretty tough. This is a list of some of the things that might be running through your mind … 

1 – Time to write a bestseller!


2 – O.K., a bit too confident. Time to write a book!

Smiling (Best Seller)

3 – A paragraph?


4 – A sentence, caammaaaannn???


5 – I didn’t even want to write just now anyway.

Dont wanna write

6 – I wonder what’s happening on Facebook?


7 – Oh hiya, muse. Finally decided to show up. LETS. DO. THIS.

lets do this

8 – Man, I’ve been writing for hours, I must have written a TONNE!


9 – 136 WORDS?!

136 words

10 – No, that just cannot be true.

I dont beleive you

11 – It’s only been eight minutes?

not true

12 – Fucking lies.

Jack Nicholson

13 – I’m going to tweet how hard this shit is.


14 – **Tweets** this shit is hard.


15 – Do writers swear?


16 – Maybe the other writers wont be my pal if I swear.

We hate you

17 – **deletes tweet**


18 – Fuck those other writers I’ll swear if I titty well want. Arsefuck.

I do what i want

19 – God, I am so awful at grammar.

You know nothing

20 – And punctuation.

really stupid

21 – What’s a predicate?

i have the rest of my life to find out

22 – What’s happening on Facebook now?

Facebok 2

23 – Oh, someone’s uploaded another blog entry!


24 – Hahaha, this is rubbish!


25 – They can’t even use a comma correctly.


26 – But I can’t even use a comma correctly, so I’ll let them off with it.


27 – But they’ve written something.

Backhand a bitch

28 – I’ve written hee hum haw.

You aint got shit

29 – I am so bad at spelling.

Giving up

30 – What do those green lines under words mean?


31 – Now it’s under a whole sentence? Da fuq?!

Youve got to be kidding me

32 – ‘Fragmented consider revising’ ????


33 – Pretty sure it’s supposed to fix it for me?


34 – I’ll just say it’s a new style.

cant be tamed

35 – **Tweets** just invented a new style of writing!


36 – It’s called “Can’t write fo’ shit.”


37 – Better not tweet that though. Sweary words.

Judging You

38 – Why didn’t I pay attention in English?

Robert Downey JR

39 – What’s a superlative?


40 – Google’s ‘highest ever U.K. book advance’.


41 – I’m going to be so god-damned rich.


42 – If I could just write a FUCKING WORD.


43 – Maybe I should write on the toilet.


44 – Like, maybe it’s magical.

You're a wizard

45 – Maybe I just work better in a tiled environment.

mond blown

46 – Isn’t there some singers that can only sing in the toilet?

Mmmm no

47 – Pretty sure there was a “Recess” episode about it.


48 – Googles, ‘Recess Toilet Singing’.

Google 2

49 – I’m hungry.

Upset i eat

50 – JK Rowling bakes brownies. I’m going to bake brownies.


51 – I can’t bake brownies for shit either.

michael cera

52 – Why God?! WHYYYYYY?

Dear God

53 – I have zero talent.

no talent

54 – I have absolutely no talent.

why god why

55 – Oh holy shit, I am the most talented writer ever.

I'm back bitches

56 – My story is so slick y’all.

Bitch Please

57 – Wait, no, come back. Words please don’t leave me.

Dont go

58 – How many words was that?

power rangers

59 – 189!




61 – I wonder what the average word count per day for other writer’s are?

ru paul

62 – Ernest Hemingway was only 500!


63 – Right. If I can write 250 words I can go and watch Netflix.

oh goody

64 – I’m just going to choose what to watch. So, you know, I’m excited and motivated.


65 – Yes, The Office. Perfect.

the office

66 – Aw whoops! Accidentally hit ‘play’.


67 – These brownies aren’t terrible.

I cant eat this

68 – Not as bad as this shit fest I’m trying to write, anyway.

This shit two

69 – What if I never finish this book and I end up like David Brent?


70 – Right, enough shenanigans. WRITE, DAMN YOU. WRITE!


71 – You shouldn’t sit at your computer this long. Doesn’t it kill you?

murder you

72 – Pretty sure I am the fucking greatest?


73 – Nope.

Its a no from me

74 – I’ll read some out loud to the cat.


75 – If he stays, it’s great. If he leaves, it’s shite.

Demi Lovato

76 – He left! The Judas-Et-Tu-Brute fucker!

Cat leaves

77 – Haha, Isa never ate two of anything.

et tu

78 – ‘Good writers are great readers’, someone important said that.


79 – Other authors keep notes. Why don’t I keep notes.


80 – I’m going to start some notes.

why 4

81 – I have no fucking clue what to put in these notes.

why 3

82 – I’ll write a poem instead.


83 – They’re shorter, ergo, easier.


84 – Surely only a real writer would use a word like ‘ergo’?




86 – I can only rhyme ‘write’ with ‘shite’.


87 – Awk chuck it in the fuck it bucket.

fuck it

88 – I’ll start again tomorrow.

im done

89 – I wonder what’s on Facebook now?

facebook fuck you all


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