Believe in Yourself

So things have been quite tough for me recently, emotionally. Sending my first book out into the world and hearing back from people that don’t want it has been a blow I thought I could handle with aplomb – I was wrong. It’s been tough, but I have to be tougher. And that’s why I wrote this short poem. Purely because I’ve learned the difference between ‘believing’ in myself and ‘trusting’ in who I am.

Believe in your self and the world will follow,

But no one tells you how hard it is to truly believe.

When the chips are down and your spirits out,

That’s when bravado fails,

And you’ll know the truth.

Believe in yourself and you can achieve your dreams,

But not if they run too fast or soar too high,

For then your dreams wont ever turn,

Into anything you can hold in your hand,

Or touch with your heart.

Believe in yourself and bitter words can’t reach you,

But what if those words play siege and not battle?

Hovering and waiting for your resolve to falter,

To look you in the eye,

Just to spit in your face.

Believe in yourself and the world is your oyster,

But what if oysters are not to your taste?

Then the world is nothing but fear,

Curdling and spoiling the delicacy of life,

And pretending it was always yours to take.

Believe in yourself and nothing more,

For with that resolve comes ignorance of failure,

A weakening of the lessons that would temper your naivety,

Insulating you from what you love most,

And promising you, you didn’t want it anyway.

Believe in yourself – please do,

But make sure that you trust in yourself too,

For when the chips are down and life is spoiled,

When doubt is king and bitter words can’t be foiled,

That trust will be what turns failure into something won,

And that belief will be what helps you go on.


6 thoughts on “Believe in Yourself

  1. gretal feeson says:

    I enjoyed this very much. It has a great opening line at the start of each stanza which really gives it a good flow and reinforces the theme throughout. Really loved stanza 1 and 2 in particular. A great write.

    In the second line in the 1st stanza it says ‘its is’ as opposed to ‘it is’.

    1. CA McAleese says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read it and even more so for commenting. I’ve been having a crisis of faith recently and this has really helped lift my mood.

      Haha, I should have proof read more throughly! Fixed now.

      1. gretal feeson says:

        No problem at all, I enjoyed reading it.

        I’m sure it’s just a phase, I always just write with the view of leaving something relatively pleasant behind and being productive. I find that always helps keep me positive.

    1. CA McAleese says:

      Thank you so much! I appreciate your well wishes, it’s easy to think that everyone is only out to help themselves. Thank you for reminding me the world can be much more supportive 🙌🏽

  2. RSGullett says:

    I think everyone who writes has been in your shoes. The anxiety and frustration that accompanies allowing someone else to judge your hard work. I’m in the same boat at the moment and it is hard to query, and then wait and wait only to receive a negative reply. Keep up your faith in your work and may God bless you.

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