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Do you think the sun will like me?

Tell the stars I’m ready to meet them,

The universe I’m ready to Be,

Tell the mountains I’ll never climb them,

I commit myself to the sea.

Despite the allure of grandeur,

The future offers me,

I’m just not strong enough to reach out,

Only weak enough to bleed.

I write because there’s no one to talk to,

So I make up people that do,

I write there hopes and dreams,

And hope they might one day come true.

But I plan for when I’ll drizzle honey light,

Across an inky sky of faded night,

On top of a city full of sleeping souls,

Maybe then I’ll have done something right.


Once I dreamed of a house by the beach,

With a fridge full of cake easily in reach,

A dog by my chair and a cat on my lap,

Ha! Wouldn’t that have been a peach?


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